29 June 2008

Jarret Stoll: Rachel Hunter-bound

Apparently it takes a trade like this for me to get off my ass and blog for a change. Just as I was warming up to Matt Greene's lovable tolerable on-ice follies, he gets shipped to Los Angeles for that Eastern European treat (Slovakia is close enough to Russia for my taste). Visnovsky will make more per year than the ladies' favourite hair gel-abuser, Souray for the remainder of Souray's contract here. I hope someone has carefully inspected Visnovsky's shoulder.

Rachel Hunter will undoubtedly be pleased about the shorter commute.


Scarlett said...

I'll take any Slavic man....all are good in my books!!!

Yes, the cougar won't have far to get some now!!!

randie said...

I miss greener... my turtle is now dead

Alana said...

I'm psyched. Visnovsky is hott.