31 July 2006

P"oil" #1


Alana said...

Clearly, MacTavish is the winner. He's always in a suit, well-manicured, and obviously the sexiest coach in the league. I wish certain players would follow his example (I'm looking at you, Schremp. Nice panties.)

the Prez said...

At least we know that if MacTavish owns any patriotic ginchies he'd have the sense to wear them under his clothes. He would, however, still look better parading around in them than Schremp. That being said, I voted for Pisani (and his magic puck-trapping pants).

Loxy said...

I voted for "Pantsani" as well.

You know that he has clothes that are primarily made out of dry pasta stuck to material with white glue.

Fuck I loved making macaroni wreathes in school.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, disregard this comment.

Anonymous said...

Just awesome. So you know, I fully expect a post in which you all scan what your signatures would look like if you got married to your favourite Oilers. In fact, that should probably be your banner.

And it looks like the world agrees: MacT is an attractive man... slaughterer.


Pleasure Motors said...

MacT is an attractive man... slaughterer.

Sorry, but somebody has to do this: OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

Alana said...

Excellent idea on the signatures, Chris. All I have to do is scan in the cover of my Roloson scrapbook*

*May or may not actually exist

Big T said...

Chris said;

MacT is an attractive man... slaughterer.

Oh, Dude!!! That's funny. I'm going to hell for laughing, but that's funny.

Congrats on the new blog ladies!


theDrizzler said...

I would like to write on my ballot Todd Harvey. Can't find a photo, but the classic seventies porn-chic look he had going during the play-offs had me looking all over Vancouver for a vintage corduoroy jacket.

D. said...

Great blog!

MacT is fine, fine, FINE.

Yes, indeed.

Scarlett said...

MacT....no contest! He's got it going on for sure. I'd let him coach me anytime! :)