30 July 2006

Hot Oil FAQ

1. Huh? Where am I?
Hello, and welcome to Oilers fangirldom. This is a blog devoted to the hottest team in the NHL: the Edmonton Oilers. Part satire, part unadulterated hockey love, Alana, Loxy, and the Prez add a female perspective to the ever-expanding Oilogosphere.

2. How did this thing get started?
After tiring of Alana's endless drunken ramblings about Dwayne Roloson, Covered in Oil's Chris suggested she find a new outlet in the form of a blog. Alana enlisted the help of fellow Oil-obsessed bloggers Loxy and the Prez, and here we are!

3. So who are you chicks?

Check out this interview that Chris did with us a while back.

4. Do you guys have favourite Oilers?
Yes we do -- Alana loves Roloson, Loxy digs Reasoner, and the Prez can't get enough Ulanov.

5. Does _________ have a wife/girlfriend?
You're looking for this post.

6. What's this "Hot-Off" I keep hearing about?
The Hot-Off is an annual month-long battle to determine who is the hottest Oiler based on our readers' votes. The 2006 champion was Ethan Moreau, and we sent him a certificate to commemorate the event. Check out the sidebar for our 2006 Hot-Off archives.

7. So, y'all are puck bunnies, right?
No, far from it. If you have to ask, you clearly don't "get it."
The point of this blog is to have fun, and most posts are written with tongue firmly in-cheek. So get that stick out of your ass, admit that Horcoff turns you on, and join us in our love for the game, the team, and the players both on the ice and off.


Jordi said...

You're right. Horcoff turns me on.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Shawn Hocoff is so sexy! He turns me on!