05 August 2007

Historical Hot Off - Goaltenders rule!

Your winners from the first round:

(After the long weekend, we'll start round two.)

Andy Moog
Bill Ranford
Craig MacTavish
Craig Simpson
Curtis Joseph
Dave Semenko
Doug Weight
Grant Fuhr
Jason Arnott
Jari Kurri
Jason Smith
Jussi Markkanen
Paul Coffey
Rem Murray
Tommy Salo
Wayne Gretzky


the weaz said...

I love how you can see Billy's mullet, in all its glory, sticking out from behind his mask... those were the days!

Scarlett said...

I've always despised Ranford. That picture makes me gag!

Chris! said...

Interesting list, but the Hot Off's just not the same without pictures. Any chance those could be integrated with the (much-improved) bracket system you've got going on?

Anonymous said...

Jussi gonna win it!

Alana said...

Who the fuck voted for Salo?

Lady_Byng said...

Long weekend is long over ladies. When is round two starting?!