08 August 2007

Team Hotness Increasing Exponentially!

With the loss of one sleazy real-estate agent hedgehog, we can all sleep easier tonight in the knowledge that, next year, we won't have nearly as many migraines caused by screaming SHOOOOOOOOT! at the television until blood comes out of our ears. Yes, it is a good day.


Lady_Byng said...

Good fucking riddance is all I can say!

Anonymous said...

To this newbie student of the game, the PP seems to be the most difficult to coach. Most teams seemed to have their troubles with it. And like most tasks in life, if you don't have the right tools, the job is harder to do. In the Oilers case, we were missing a few key tools and some broke'(down).

I never put all the blame on Simpson, but then again what do I know, right? I thought he did some great work in the HNIC playoffs and so congrats to him.

In regards to hotness, I can't remember where I read it, but someone had described him looking like a relative of Christopher Reeve. That was pretty good, he does kinda. Described as handsome, but not my cup of tea. Sorry Simmer!:)

Scarlett said...

Simpson was smokin' hot back in the day (aka: before horrible hedgehog haircut). Check out photos circa 1988-1990...hot stuff!

PP are hard to coach, but then again, was it Simpson or MacT putting Toby Peterson on the PP? Bad coaching on that one!

Anonymous said...

Great description of his haircut, "hedgehog" :) That one will stick in my head from now on I think.