22 August 2007

Historical Hot-Off, Round 3!

Now that we've ditched those squares Simpson and Arnott, we're one step closer to selecting the hottest one-time Oiler EVAR. The remaining competition is stiff:

Bill Ranford vs. Craig MacT

I couldn't find a good recent picture of Ranford, but he's definitely puffier than he was in his grandstanding heyday. MacT, on the other hand, shows no signs of middle-age bloat. Think hard: ARE YOU FOR OR AGAINST WATER RETENTION?

Dave Semenko vs. Doug Weight

Battle of the autographed pictures! Semenko pretended to punch Mohammad Ali! Weight wrote some stuff! Semenko's signature has a swirly 'S'! Weight's has a fancy 'D'! WHICH IS AWESOMER?

Jari Kurri vs. Jason Smith

Skirts or awful third jerseys? YOU DECIDE WHICH IS HOTTER!

Paul Coffey vs. Wayne Gretzky

Coffey can grow stubble. Gretz can't. PLEASE INFORM US OF YOUR PREFERENCE.

Historical Hot-Off, Round 3!


Anonymous said...

I struggled mightily choosing between Coffey and Gretkzy.

Lady_Byng said...

Is Kurri touching himself in that photo?!

Anonymous said...

why the fuck wasnt Jussi in that one?!!!!!!!!!!

Alana said...

Jussi lost last round, anonymous. Try to keep up.

Scarlett said...

Gee I still love Jari!

T. said...

Ranford, Weight, Gator, Coffey.

Coffey needs to win this. He's still fun to watch play every single Juno cup!

Anonymous said...

heh - you made me go back and take a closer look. I did wonder why the Finn was wearing a kilt, though. Perhaps he was going traditional (no skivvies) and didn't trust that refreshing breeze!

court said...

I was all set to vote for Kurri until I saw that photo. Gator it is. Plus, the only reason I'm voting for that dork Semenko is because I'm pissed Weight beat out Fuhr. Lame.