29 August 2007

Historical Hot-Off, Semi-Finals!

Sorry folks -- I've been waaaaay too busy to deal with the high-maintenance Hot-Off contenders for the past while. If Kurri asks me to fetch him a bag of fucking Whoppers one more time, I swear he's going to be eating those chocolate-covered balls of cat vomit with a straw.

To top things off, Comrie's still smarming it up with his talent-less new girlfriend (who, through a complete and utter fluke I SAW IN CONCERT three weeks ago (justification: it was free)! OMG! Seriously, the girl can't dance and can barely sing. If that's all the skillz it takes to be a millionaire pop star, sign me up. But I digress.).

Aaaaaanyway, some real contenders were eliminated in the last round: Gretz is not great at turning on the ladies, and I am sad to see Semenko fall to the baby-faced Weight (who, may I remind you, played for the 2005-2006 CAROLINA HURRICANES). Here's who's left:

MacT versus Weight

Smith versus Coffey

Historical Hot-Off, Semi-Finals


Lady_Byng said...

My goodness. Hilary's purse is bigger than she is!

Kirsten said...

I just get this feeling that MacTavish is going to win.

Scarlett said...

Hilary Duff in urbandictionary.com: a false misconception of what talent is. That sums it up. Oh why would you subject your brain to that....do you smoke crack too? ;)

Anyways, MacT vs Smith in the finals! Go Jason!!!

Anonymous said...

Carolina? Ew, gross.

Elly said...

Spectacular picture of Smith's expression there. I can just hear what he's thinking, '....Philly? You're F*#*&Ukin' shitting me'.