25 December 2007

Last year I said I got this for Christmas - but in the end, I didn't.

This year, my best friend made up for it.

Merry Christmas!
P.S. I blame all the people who voted Ales to win the hot-off as the reason for his recent injury.

The hot-off curse begins! Here we go 2008!


číšnice said...

sory for bad english,
i am lerning.
Merry Christmas and happy new years to all.
Vesele vánoce a šťastný Nový rok.

Loxy said...

Thank you for visiting our website!
Dík navštěvující internetová stránka!

A real Czech Hemsky fan!

číšnice said...

no problim, i love your site!

yes, I am Hemský fan, you are fan of mr.Reasoner yes?

rachel said...

To "headphones" in the Souray vs. Hemsky comments...

Prunes don't give you diarrhea, they keep you regular...prunes are how you treat diarrhea...?

I think their vote should be switched!

Daniel said...

The hot-off curse begins!

Shit. Can we start an emergency write-in campaign for Mikhnov?

T. said...

Hemmer does look awfully nice with those new teeth. Weirdly though I'm not sure I'll recognize him out in public anymore though... it was always the teeth.

wildchild said...

Hemsky? For real?

Whatever. I'm off to go make some more chicken soup for my Roli.

Aminah said...

You could recreate American Idol a few years ago. That Rueban guy actually won but gayface Clay Akien got all the record deals and media attention.... just saying.

Lady_Byng said...

Oh Alana you would get along with my season-ticket holder friend, she adores Marty as well!

Are the votes counted? Did Hemsky really win? I love Hemsky and all, but he's 'cute' not hot ........

PS. Last season's champ Ethan will be back playing on Saturday!