10 January 2008

All Star Hot

How well do you know Shawn Horcoff?

Answer the following questions in the comments and I'll Scorcoff them...

1. Shawn Horcoff's favourite restaurant in Edmonton.
2. What book has Horcoff read 4 times?
3. If Horcoff wasn't a hockey player, what would he be?
4. Which eye colour does Horcoff like better? (He has heterochromia. The rest of us are homos.)
5. What is the last big ticket item Horcoff bought?



Black Dog said...

1. Boston Pizza of course like any good Edmontonian
2. Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby just because it would be cool if he did
3. Stunt dick.
4. Redheads because they're the hottest. (I know I know answer the question)
5. One of them new fangled fancy sticks

arrugaoil said...

1. Koutouki..he loves the belly dancers and when they break the plates.
2. Victoria Beckham: That Extra Half An Inch.
3. Soapstar...probably on Days of Our Lives.
4. Blue over green/hazel. He really does wish one was brown, the other was grey.
5. His NEXT big purchase is going to be a complete makeover for the AllStar game so he looks like the 3.6 million bucks hes being paid.

She said...

I can't possibly come up with better answers than the series above, so I'll just leave that be.

Congrats on the Globe and Mail love, Loxy.

Alana said...

Nice rack!

1. Chez Pierre
2. Sage-ing While Age-ing by Shirley MacLaine
3. A wildlife photographer
4. The darker one
5. Something illegal

K8 said...

1. IKEA cafeteria on Wednesdays....mmmm.....Swedish meatballs........
2. 'Star' by Pamela Anderson
3. Best Buy asst. store manager
4. Whichever one's not blood shot that day
5. An assortment of cashmere throws for Sean Avery

Alana said...

Holy shit -- the sexy trifecta just scored 3 goals in 10 minutes against the Coyotes: Moreau, Brodziak, and Souray! Rawr!

Lowetide said...

1. Hardware Grill.

2. The Ascent of Man (Bronowski).

3. Character actor.

4. Left.

5. House.

Lord Bob said...

1. Whatever they're serving on the airplane flying him to a city with decent food.
2) Howie Meeker's Hockey Basics
c> A contributor to "Hot Oil".
4. He likes the green eye, because when he looks at somebody with it, he looks into the depths of their soul.
5) The t-shirt pictured above. Although I'll admit that I was looking at it for several seconds before I realised there was something written on the shirt.

Goofy Newfie said...

Shirt off for Horcoff!!!

1. Ruth's Chris - a restaurant for Engineers, Bankers, Doctors and Kingpin hockey players!!

2. The Art of War

3. Chip-N-Dale Dancer

4. Whichever eye is focused netting the Oilers the cup this year!

5. Dinner for the girl wearing that shirt....dang girl, you packing!!! Free the Edmonton 2, Free the Edmonton 2!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I can't answer the questions but I find it funny that you have that picture seeing as I work with the owner of the shirt and what's under them.

She is trying to figurte out where you got the picture.