18 January 2008

Russia Representz!!

DET/EDM 23 February 2007
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I wrote a post a couple years ago on my other blog entitled: You may know me as "Marty Reasoner's biggest fan". It got some responses, but none like the one it got today:

Konsty has left a new comment on your post "You may know me as "Marty Reasoner's biggest fan"":

Hey listen there, Marty Reasoner got some big fans in Russia. I mean its me and some my friends. We produced Russian Marty Reasoner's fan site (reasoner.km.ru).

A Marty Reasoner fan site in Russian.

I have nothing to say. I am in shock.

More Marty Content:

People love him.


Konsty said...

What is there to say, welcome everybody to www.reasoner.km.ru. I'm sorry if you can't understand what we there wrighting about (it mainly in Russian), but anyway, everyday more and more people in Russia find out, how good Marty Reasoner as hockey player, and what a funny and intellengent and nice guy he is.

And what we really can be proud about, in Russian Internet there is no (or so) fan sites about Alexander Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby, but Marty Reasoner's!

marriedtotheoil said...

A chance to refresh my Russian while reading Oilers-related things? Too good to be true!

Scarlett said...

I love all things Russian and now that Marty has been russified, I love him too! :)

Shannon said...

When you try to get their site translated into English, it's quite amusing :'p

Well done!

Konsty said...

You know, the site about such a funny guy like Marty can't contain boring texts. But I wonder how it looks according to russian-to-english translation.

Konsty said...

I found a little trouble with Google online translater. It shows our site a little bit uncorrect. I don't know why. Others, such as Babelfish at Yahoo and Altavista, works OK.

T. said...

How cute is he, kissing his grandma before going on stage. I love Marty Reasoner.

Anonymous said...

After he left the hospital, Bisaillon received loving care from his girlfriend, Amy Oligny, who happened to be visiting him from her native Edmonton when the injury happened


Konsty said...

Hello! Marty Reasoner's Russian Fan Site was moved to www.reasoner.ru