02 January 2008

Post 300


P.S. Hemsky won the hot-off. (No wonder Moreau is back in the lineup)


Lowetide said...

HEMSKYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! The only Aerosmith album I ever bought was 'Toys in the Attic' when it came out. I liked Walk this Way alot, it became a hit later on.

I always wondered why bands like Aerosmith and Heart ended up having huge careers with poppy tunes after they stopped playing rock and roll.

They weren't especially interesting, not like Mott the Hoople or Foghat.

Scarlett said...

I did vote for Souray (cause the man is smokin') but I looooove HEMSKY!!!! He is our Oiler stud!!!

the sieve said...

You all seem disappointed Hemsky won. You mention it only in passing, whereas last year, Moreau got himself a big prize package and lots of blog squee.

What gives?

Tania said...

What gives? It was rigged! Much like Bush's alleged presidency it'll go down as a rigged competition. We just can't blame Hemsky's daddy because we don't know if he has one.

IceDragoon said...
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Kirsten said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Unbelievable. I'm dropping him from my fantasy team.

IceDragoon said...

Good day.

While I, too, suspect some vote padding took place in a number of matches... (I wrangled my two daughters into voting in a couple of the them :-D)... It is what it is. Unless someone has some one-person-one-vote software they wish to share with the Hot Oil ladies, the Hot Offs are/will be open to exploitation.

Like it or not... Ales Hemsky won the '07-'08 Hot Oil Hot Offs by beating Sheldon Souray in the finals. fwiw... The Captain still curls my toes, whether he holds the Hot Off title, or not.







wildchild said...

Is Hemmer back in the lineup? Last time I checked, he was out. I'm wondering if there's a Curse of the Hot Off. Can we rig tis next year so that Datsyuk or Giguere or somebody wins?

Catrin said...

For shame! It was not rigged. Seriously, Heather, for shame. I demand you draw lots of attention to this well-deserved victory!

After all, this is a "hot-off", not a "pretty-off" or a "model-off". You of all people should know that, what with your Ulanov-fetish.

And Hemsky just has that glimmer in h is eyes...

Catrin said...

Also...ahem...seeing as how I'm not all that familiar with the Oilers site, can someone direct me to these alleged hot new videos of Hemsky, with teeth and all?

Tania said...

Why haven't you squeee girls posted this?


Seriously, I'm disappointed in the lack of posts around here.

Despite their shitty play, they're still hot oilers!

lyliloo said...

yayayayyay for hemmer winning... i'm still chapped about marty losing to stevie though. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYyy. WHYYYYYYYYYY. i don't think i'll ever get over that.