07 January 2008

Breaking News: Marty Reasoner? Funny Guy

Also, I'm feeling the pressure to send Hemsky a prize. Stay tuned on that front.


Andy Grabia said...

I really enjoyed that. Shows how close the guys actually are. Putting aside the on-ice product, the Oilers have to have the most entertaining, funny, and (obviously) hot guys in the league.

Tania said...

Thanks to Tania for pointing out the link?

I found Horcoff's answers funnier than Reasoner's.

You see Raffi Bear Torres is out for the season with a torn ACL?

Alana said...

Sorry Tania, I didn't see your comment about the link. I came across it today on the Oilers site while procrastinating at work.

Raffi's out for the season? Fucking hell.

Ida said...

pfft, stevie's answers owned everyone else's. you can tell he loves to razz ethan about eveything.

Loxy said...

Marty: A Reasoner to Believe.

Lady_Byng said...

That segment ran in the Oilers game programs from the Nov 15 to Dec 27 game; it's weird that they only recently posted it online.
Come to think of it, you can view the program with the game day notes.

This program segment (Jan 5 to Feb 12) is about Torres with Stoll, Greene and Pisani answering. Damn hilarious that Greene is!


Its on page 13.

Scarlett said...

Yeah I saw that last week, and thought it was hilarious. They need to do more stuff like that.

Lady_Byng said...

The best is when asked who would play Raffi in a movie and in Fernie's answer Marty is yelling "Carrot top!" from across the room, hahaha. Marty is hilarious.