05 April 2007


In his first game as an oiler, he was EVEN with 13:50 of icetime, including 2:02 on the powerplay. He got two shots (and missed another), dished out a hit and was 50% in the faceoff circle (taking 12 draws).

What more do you want?

By the way, Joffreyes Lupul got a fantastic -2 in the game in 13:37.

It's official, Schremp is the best Oiler ever.


Anonymous said...

Really...how do you guys get these pictures? It's bordering on creepy now :D

Black Dog said...

That beer looks good.

MacT had Pisani out with him - that helped, I'm sure. But good for the kid.

gary b said...

AND he gets the girl?

man, he IS some sort of Jesus.

court said...

I took a break form oggling the Oilers goalies to watch Robbie during the warmup skate. He looked like he was going to piss his breezers. He just stood out there with this look on his face of, "Oh shit. I'm in the NHL. ... What do I do??"

McLea said...

I'm sure Schremp regrets adding one of you voyeurs to his facebook friends list.

Simon Dekker said...

Hey Edmonton - we finished our film. Check it out - and all of the great Edmonton fans.



Anonymous said...

You don't even need to be added as his friend. We were screwing around on Facebook during our fantasy league baseball draft and came across an awful lot of Schremp pics without any special access. The man loves the camera.

And really, on the list of things Rob Schremp regrets, the banana hammock pic and that tattoo should rank well above adding anybody as a Facebook friend.

Anonymous said...

Robbie looks so cute in that pic. I have a huge crush on Robbie right now. That better not be his girlfriend!