03 April 2007

Rehab = Rawr

As the Oilers season plods depressingly toward its merciful end, my thoughts turn back to the heady days of October 2006 and the crowning of our first annual Hot-Off Champion, one Mr. Ethan Moreau. Less than a month later, Chopper's slap fight injury gave us a taste of the myriad concussions, "sports hernias," and thumb wrestling injuries to come as the 2006/07 season spiraled into absurdity. Sigh.

Well, it looks like the ovulation-inducing Moreau is finally on the mend! As this YouTube clip shows, he's been busy arm wrestling rubber bands, playing full-body cat's cradle, and sword fighting, all in the name of Medicine! It's far, far too late to save the season, but at least we can be assured that Chopper and his repaired shoulder will be bringing sexy back in October 2007. Squee!


Black Dog said...

The defending champ is going to be hard to knock off I think.

Crazy bugger did the bag skate the other day too.

For, uh, kicks, I guess.

Jon G said...

man have we missed him this year

pickles said...

there were some early warning signs that things were going to tank eventually- moreau's injury, though, was the beginning of the end. and each time something else happened to one of our beloved we said to ourselves "it can't get any worse!"...and then it did. repeatedly.

chopper! we miss you!

Lady_Byng said...

Oh man do I love Ethan.
I have missed him terribly; same with Stoll. The Oilers just aren't the same without those two.

Can't wait to see them both back in October to kick some ass!

Andy Grabia said...


penalty said...

I'd love for Calgary's playoff spot to come down to the game against Edmonton. I'd also love to have Ethan back for that one game so he could beat the shit out of them.

Alana said...

By "sigh," Andy, I assume you mean "OMG Ethan is soooo hot, sigh."

Ken said...

A good friend is a grad student of Fibber and does research out of that office. Cool.

Fibber is one of the biggest assets in the Oilers organization.