14 April 2007

Three Facts about Toby Petersen

Toby Petersen should not be in the NHL. For whatever reason, he was MacT's third line centre most of the season and even jumped to number 2 man when Stoll went down. As a Reasoner supporter (join the Facebook group - I believe in Marty Reasoner), it hurt to watch my man pushed down the depth chart. Sure, the shorthanded goals were nice in principle, but we were trying to lose the rest of the season! Weren't we? I mean he was our 2nd line center!

Toby Petersen has diabetes. I'm not making a joke out of this because I really really really hate needles. I'm having trouble typing now because I'm thinking about needles.

But Toby Petersen is also a dangerous driver. It has come to my attention that Toby recently sideswiped a young girl's car in Edmonton. Despite his acknowledged blame in the situation, he is fighting back. Who sues in a traffic accident when you already admitted it was your fault? That doesn't even make sense. That's Toby Petersen.

Which one is the real Toby Petersen? 2nd line center? Diabetes survivor? Dangerous Driver?


pickles said...

jumping jesus on a pogo stick! bergeron just scored for NY on the pp. why can't he suck like he did here? but i digress...

toby, toby...maybe he's just trying to draw out the insurance stuff because he knows that he won't crack the team next year. if he somehow does, then i would venture to say that lowe didn't fulfill his promise to get this team some fire-power.

Scarlett said...

I shall never forgive MacT for putting Toby on the powerplay. Come on....it's embarrassing! The other kids on the playground are laughing at us!

He'd better not be back next year.

Alana said...

One more fact about Toby: he was just assigned to Team USA with Matt Greene. I guess Team USA isn't planning on putting up a fight. GOCANADA!

Lady_Byng said...

I agree 100% scarlett. ugh.

Petersen was named to the Team USA roster for the upcoming IIHF World Hockey Championships.
Must be for his short-handed prowess.
*rolls eyes*

the Prez said...

And I apparently like making posts before reading the comments in the previous post. Oops.