23 April 2007

I Heart Hasek?

Detroit, you are shameless! Stop trying to seduce me with your textbook-perfect passing. You know my heart belongs to the Oil! Sure, I enjoyed our round 1 fling, especially the part where you delivered a hilariously embarassing ass-pounding to the Flames, but we are through Mister! What's that? You're playing the hated Ducks in the second round? Oh, my. Well, yes, I suppose I will come up for a drink.

That's right, folks. I'm getting in bed with the Wings. As the first round went on, I found that cheering against the Flames slowly turned to cheering for Detroit. I mean, they move the puck so well -- I think it hypnotized me! Also, I get a kick out of the fact that they have the two oldest players in the league, one of which mentored my Roli (resulting in the two having very similar playing styles) and the other a well-established ass with a good sense of humour. Mike Babcock is still a smarmy douchebag, but I think this is a team I can get behind for the rest of the playoffs. GOWINGS?


Elly said...

Can I say that the thing I love best about that picture is the Laraque jersey?

Loxy said...

Coming out of the west, I want Detroit and/or San Jose.

No love for anyone else.

Lady_Byng said...

FYI, the Wings are playing San Jose in round two, not the Ducks.
The Canucks win in game 7 tonight sealed their date with Pronger and company.

Alana said...

Aw, shoot. I was hoping it would be the Ducks. I like both Detroit and San Jose! I'm going to stick with the Wings, though.

court said...

Anaheim vs. Vancouver.

Just kill me now.

Wild fans everywhere are praying that an earthquake strikes during game 1 and dumps the godforsaken Duck Pond, both teams, and all the Anaheim 'fans' on the bottom of the ocean.

Kirsten said...

All fans of California teams are douchebags. I've discovered this living on the west coast.

pickles said...

the deeper the wings go in the playoffs, the more times we have to hear how chelios is still in such good shape and how hasek is still playing so well, blah blah blah. don't get me wrong, i kind of like the wings, i just wish the colour commentary wasn't sooooo predictable and bland.

as for vancouver, to quote alec baldwin, "you little pig(s)" won't get past anaheim...and quite frankly i don't know if that makes me happy or sad. i guess i'm still bitter because the nucks win ruined my otherwise accurate prediction of who was going to win each series. phtht!

uni said...

I just want to see Luongo carry them into the conference finals. If nothing else that'll prevent Keenan from ever getting a NHL job again right? Wouldn't it?

Steph said...

You can share my Wings if I can share your Oilers? (But seriously wow, I didn't think anyone else liked the Wings.)

Anonymous said...

a later comment, it's final four right now...

Thanks for the smile and laugh ... I too am rooting for Deroit, though maybe just sitting on the edge of the bed...?

- always have kinda liked them
- have an actual physical response when I think of:
Pronger raising the cup w/Anaheim
Conklin and Spacek w/Buffalo
Comrie w/Ottawa

Go Roli! Go Team Canada!
Go Wilkes Barre!