04 April 2007

Guess who's been called up?

Now, I don't want to bump down Alana's ode to Canada's Roli Goalie, but there is a HUGE development in Losedmonton. Everyone's favorite poser is getting his chance.

That's right folks, starting tonight and hopefully lasting until the end of the season, Mr. Robbie Schremp is an Oiler. Lots of fans wanted this to happen right from Game 1, but I think, in the immortal words of Vanessa L Williams, they were saving the best for last.


Eyeris said...
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Anonymous said...

Awh I talked to him today he is pumped!!!!

D. said...

Whoa. Some people have been waiting for this since forever. Called up for the last 3 games. Let's see what tricks he can do!

Lord Bob said...

Actual quote from Captain America's Wikipedia article:

"Rob Schremp likes to snort cocaine during his free time. He has also been know to kill muslim terrorists and inject heroin into his veins."

I don't find this nearly as hard to believe as I think I should.

mike w said...

Is it just me or does Schremp look a bit pudgy for a pro athlete?

The last time I noticed that was Brad Isbister during training camp. Not a good sign.

Black Dog said...

He does Mike. Definitely not a good sign (apparently Lupul came into camp out of shape this year as well) but lets hope he figures it out.

He looks like me but I am twice his age and not a pro athlete (well semi-pro) - not good.