17 February 2007

Craig Simpson (or my favorite reason why the Oilers won't make the playoffs)

There are a lot of reasons why the Oilers won't make the playoffs: Personnel, Coaching Decisions, Lack of a puck-moving defenceman, Relying on Steve Staios as your puck-moving defenceman, injuries, Other teams succeeding past expectations...

I'm going to blame it on Craig Simpson.

Since he was hired in 2003, the team's powerplay has ranked 29th, 14th and 27th. Granted, Chris "Go to Hell" Pronger makes a huge difference, but maybe Simpson's plans on the PP catered too much to having him back there. Many teams don't have a bonafide CP on the blueline and can manage better than the basement in PP percentages.

Before Craig Simpson came to the team? It ranked 19th, 16th and 21st. While those numbers aren't great, it means you can make make the playoffs. Over the past few years,

I have stats to back this up. I'll continue later today. (Nobody reads blogs on Saturdays anyways)

Whatever, we lost to Toronto. It's officially over.


Anonymous said...

the thing is, there's only so much a coach can do.
after a point, it's up to the players on the ice to make the plays and score the goals.

these players aren't making millions of dollars for nothing.(and yes, neither are the coaches)

the players have to be more accountable.

Aaron Paquette said...

Thanks, Craig.

D. said...

I agree with aaron paquette. Simply put.