09 February 2007

Shameless Self-Promotion

Tuesday night, I was a special guest on the crazy canucks podcast. Yes, it's a Vancouver Canucks cast, but I was there to represent the Oily side of life. I give credit where credit is due (Luongo and Calgary's possible #1 in the division) but you know there is only one team in my heart.

I'm also looking to start a podcast of sorts in the Oilogosphere. Grabia and I are doing seperate research and will conviene with a business plan at a later date.

Go Marty!


Aaron Paquette said...

Boringly enough, I too am looking into getting into podcasts. Can I be your research remorrah?

Julian said...

An oilogosphere podcast would be quite interesting, I'd maybe be interested in contributing a couple minutes worth the odd time...

dawgbone said...

Sitepoint has some great info on how to start and maintain a podcast on the cheap.


Article 1 and Newsletter #2 are the primary ones.