27 February 2007

I just want to sleep.

We'll miss you, Smytty.


pickles said...

if there was any remaining doubt...we are now officially sellers. and apparently we had a sale. you'll be missed smytty, "obviously."

Bethany said...

I'm not even a big Oilers fan...and I am just in shock...

Lady_Byng said...

The Conks knob hockey clip is better.
Not a Smyth fan, not sad to see him go.

Dcfung said...

Despite the optics of the trade and the very real chance that he could return, I'm guttered and have lost a lot of respect for the orgranisation. I will always be an Oilers man, but I can no longer cheer for this team in the near future and instead will cheer for a team which I have absolutely no love for out of respect for a man who gave my team everything and more.

Thanks for everything, Smytty.

Anonymous said...

Looking on the bright side,


O'Marra looks like quite the contendor in terms of oil hotness.