24 February 2007

Gilbert, Smid, lose virginity

I hate pay-per-view games. They have a habit of showing penalties no longer in existence, and because the games are not on cable channels, I have to drag myself to the nearest BPs. But last week was a worth it. The Oilers managed to drag Ottawa to a shoot-out, courtesy of the late goal by Tom Gilbert (who then got injured on Thursday and is "doubtful" for tomorrow's game), which happened to be his first NHL goal. Smid then scored his first NHL goal the following game against Columbus. Our congratulations to one of my potential future husbands and to Ladislav Smid.

Now here's an action look at Ulanov's teammate and newest sort-of-Oiler, Yaroslavl's own Denis Grebeshkov. I spend far too much time on the Lokomotiv site, and I have found the real reason that Alexei Mikhnov went back home. Nice outfits, ladies.


mike w said...

Is that one on the lower left a drag queen?

Thumbs up Yaroslavl Lokomotiv progressive hiring policies!

Sherry said...

I'm not sure those qualify as "outfits". Although at least they have sleeves.

Lord Bob said...

The very nice Anastasia Loliakova was born only two weeks before me. It's obviously meant to be.

Alana said...

Goddammit, cheerleaders do not belong in hockey!Mike, when I fist saw "Светлана" I also thought "Tranny!"