27 February 2007

God Bless this Mess

With everyone all atwitter about the trade deadline, it's easy to forget that today is special for another reason: it's finally time to appreciate everyone's favourite potato chip spokesman and my first-ever Oiler crush, Mr. Mark Messier. The fun- and salty snack-loving Moose will have his jersey retired tonight before the Phoenix game which, as any Oiler fan knows, will trigger a lengthy and depressing losing streak. No matter -- there isn't any season left to save!

In reverence to the great number eleven: squee.


Anonymous said...

That has to be one of the creepiest pictures I've ever seen. The only way it could get any creepier is if Michael Jackson was standing above them grabbing his crotch and squeeing.

PS - shouldn't we be able to see balls in this picture?

pickles said...

look closer! hint of scrotum just under the stubby. er...bottle, that is.

theDrizzler said...


I'm really not that old, but I totally remember going to the game where Coleman was in town for some charity crap and he dropped a ceremonial face-off.

I need to bathe.

Scarlett said...

That must be the teeniest tiniest towel I've ever seen. Now let me photoshop out that creepy little fella, and that picture is orgasmic!!!

Jeremy said...

Ok, so this one may not be as surreal, but it's pretty funny. Check out those Hot Oil BABES, complete with the can of Canadian.

Terrie said...