08 June 2007

Unrestricted Free Hotness: Anaheim "Fucking" Ducks

I'm sick, and I blame Chris Pronger. On the day of Game 5 between Anaheim and Ottawa, I woke up with a sore throat. It's like my immune system knew what was coming and decided to preemptively go on strike. By the time CFP hoisted the cup, my sinuses felt like they were the size of baseballs. Baseballs with nails sticking out of them. As I blew my nose for the thirty-six-thousandth time, I realized that there is no such thing as karma.

Suffice it to say that I don't feel much like evaluating the hotness of the UFAs who helped this fucking douchebag win the Stanley Cup. I'm blinded by loathing anyways, so my summaries would be along the lines of: "Teemu Selanne -- Rat-faced jerk loser DICKWEED!!!1!!1!"

Let's not, okay?


arrugaoil said...

I woke up with a sore throat on the day of game 5 too.

You're right..fuck the ducks!

Anonymous said...

There's apparently some talk that Selanne may be retiring now. Go to CHED radio archives "Inside Sports" - Hockey Insider Bob Mckenzie June 7 if interested. He also mentions that there was talk of Scott Neidermeyer also retiring.
Anyway, hope that makes you feel better ?


Lady_Byng said...

Ducks blow.
Rather, the Senators blew it out their asses.
Class-act my ass.

d. said...

I'm pretending that I didn't see this latest blog entry. Ewwwww to all former and past Ducks forever and ever. HATE!!!!

d. said...

Err, I meant to say "former and present and future Ducks" forever and ever.


Kirsten said...

I managed to avoid seeing Pronger with the Cup until this morning. Makes me want to puke and gouge my eyes out simultaniously. UGH. Fuck that shit.

Anonymous said...

They've managed to dent the cup. R*t B*****ds! (well, some of them). Surprised Pronger hasn't knocked the cup off the top with his elbows. He's just too tall you know...

Moné Peterson said...

We have nothing but nice things to say about you.