03 August 2006

Cute Prospect Alert

Meet Brock Radunske. This 23-year-old Kitchener native caught my eye as I browsed the Oilers prospect pages with his Cobain-esque hairstyle -- long enough that you can run your fingers through it, but not so long that you get tangled. Rawr. He also appears to still have all of his own teeth. Sexy!

Brock here is a tall drink of water at 6'4" and, according to Hockey's Future, "is a good stickhandler, [a skill] that usually elude[s] big men." Hello, sailor! He also averaged nearly one penalty per game in 2005/06, which means he may have a touch of "bad boy" in him -- Could he be a heartbreaker? There's only one way to find out, ladies!

Radunske currently plays for the Greenville Grrrowl. The logo for this team is as adorable as its name, and I'm not surprised that someone with as much "hot oil" potential as Brock is being developed within such a cheek-pinchingly cute organization. Adding further to Brock's cute quotient is the fact that he loves his mommy, who was injured in a car accident in 2002. "Just having her here means so much to me," Radunske said at the 2002 draft. "She has been through so much ... It's incredible to have her here beside me today." Say it with me: Awwwwwww.

Cuteness Prospect Grade: 7.0 A


Earl Sleek said...

Mr. Chen started a meet-your-blogger kind of game.


You're it.

Jordi said...

He's not bad at first but if you look at the mugshot for too long, it becomes the "I may only have one penalty per game but I've killer 500 other kids."
But his shot is better than some of the uglier ones you see around.

And are those freckles or bad pixelation? Either way he's still got some ways to go.

Chris! said...

Man, throw a toque on him and some suburban basement wood panelling in the background, and suddenly he looks all like, "Dude, can you imagine if we're all just, like, the figments of someone other dude's imagination? *HUUUUUFFFFF* Aw, I can't believe you ate all the Paws, man. That's fucking sick!"

the Prez said...

He looks like he is about twelve. Also, he has a long way to go before he's rugged, scarred, and...Russian.

d-lee said...

I hate to break it to you, but NOBODY is playing for the Greenville Grrrrowl. They don't exist anymore. They ceased operations on July 1. Actually "ceased operations" is kind of a nice way of saying that the ECHL "asked" them to cease operations. The team was not financially able to sustain itself.

Jordi said...

... Or Finnish.

Loxy said...

I don't think Hayley Wickenheiser is fooling anyone in that getup. You're a girl! Stop playing boy sports!