03 August 2006


Remember those paper dolls? They came with different paper outfits, ready to be dressed up and way you wanted them. This staple of my childhood as inspired me to create a new line of paper dolls, NHL style. Since Mr. Schremp has already volunteered to strip down to his team skivvies, he is the first to get dressed up. Let the fun begin!


Loxy said...

I can't believe I stole your thunder by posting at the exact same time, but getting upper dibs on the blog.

Second of all, Robbie needs a hat.


Jordi said...


I tried. Damn, my year 9 Art class skills just dont work. And I saved it at low quality accidentally. I'll try something else later.

Alana said...

That hat is amazing. It would go perfectly with Robbie's beautiful pink dress.

Jordi - Where in the hell is that Roli goalie-baseball photo from?!

Jordi said...

One day I sat down with a lot of ambition and google searched my way onto a Finnish page. It looks like something done in SM liiga but it's a shot for a calendar. He's June!


That baseball girl is one lucky bitch.