06 August 2006

Don't pull a Craig MacTavish -- You might get AIDS!

According to the Urban Dictionary, sort of a mini-Wikipedia for slang, the definition of "Craig MacTavish" is "to have unprotected sexual intercourse with a girl (i.e. sexual intercourse without your 'helmet' (a condom)." Truly brilliant. Apparently, the Pope is a big fan of MacTavish.

After making this discovery, I immediately looked up the definition of "Dwayne Roloson" -- I was not disappointed. "Chuck Norris wears a Dwayne Roloson jersey;" "Dwayne Roloson is the best NHL goaltender;" "All hail Dwayne Roloson." No argument here!

I also can't dispute the definition of "Battle of Alberta." I think the usage example is particularly apt: "Edmonton always has the last laugh in the Battle of Alberta, but Calgary would kill Edmonton if it were the 'Battle of the Greasiest Mullets,' or the 'Battle of Ugliest Chicks.'"

Most of the definitions of "Wayne Gretzky" are pretty standard (I think the concise "teh hockey god" about sums it up), but there were a few I had not heard of before. Calling a pair of 9's a "Wayne Gretzky" in Texas hold 'em seems straightforward enough, but I don't think that Mr. Gretzky would approve of his name being connected to definition #7. Is that activity so common that it needs a name? Note to self: avoid men with large closets and copious amounts of hockey equipment.

By far, my favorite Oilers-related definition page in the Urban Dictionary is for the word "Wabowser." The definition itself is lacklustre, although bonus points should be awarded for the Super Mario Brothers reference, but the usage example is gold: "The best part of that Oilers game was when Cory Cross WABOWSERed himself into the boards. Because he's Cory Cross. And he's terrible."

Poor Cory Cross.


Loxy said...

Look at #5

I didn't write it.

Anonymous said...

See also: Pronger.

Alana said...

Beauty. Marty Reasoner has dreamy eyes: It's a fact!

Jordi said...

I used to love randomly looking at urbandictionary, but the constant need to define every word sexually killed my interest.

Hemsky - "Oh baby, your skin is so soft, you're such a hemsky." Hee.

Dwayne Roloson will hurt you.

Scarlett said...

My fave is Battle of Alberta. Oh yeah baby!!!