04 August 2006

Loxy's Turn

I realize that I got tagged with the "sports edition" version of the 5 things post. But after struggling with the list of top 10 favorite athletes, I am going for the 5 weird facts...

1. Some of the oilogosphere was introduced to me in a March post on IOF called Vic's Guide to BlogLand. Until the playoffs, Jarret & Rachel, and Lauren Pronger, it was my highest hit day. What was in my blog that day? A post about having terrible gas.

2. My University sports career started with a bit of a stumble. During tryouts for the UofA Track team, I was fast enough (sans ever training) to be winning the 60m sprint. That was until I fell less than 10m before the finish line. To add insult to injury, there was only one more trial, so the coach made me walk back down my lane while the next set of girls waited for me. I had to run again. I came 2nd in my 2nd heat in just about as many minutes.

3. Though I was a fan of Marty Reasoner since day one, he officially took over as my #1 obsession since my Eric Brewer addiction was kicked a few years ago. He was a jerk to me at a Tragically Hip concert and there has never been a kind word since.

4. I can also put my fist in my mouth.

5. My first hockey jersey was actually my brother's. 1993 Christmas. My brother gets two (one white and one black) Pavel Bure jerseys.

I'm going to assume that all other bloggers have been tagged. If you are reading this and haven't been tagged, thou art tagged.

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