29 August 2006

Simulated Fandom

Does anyone still play the Sims? If so, you can now deck out your gibberish-talkin' simulated fangirls and boys with Oilers-themed digs. Link!

There's also a Hurricanes-themed bedroom on this site. For those with residual bitterness, I suggest building a house with 'Canes decor and filling it with Sim 'Canes players and fans. Then delete the doors and add a fireplace. Comedy gold.


lowetide said...

My kids play Sims all the time. My daughter has a pretty interesting life actually, job, nice car.

The boy keeps losing Sims to horrible kitchen accidents. My wife and I suspect it is a strong hint of what the future holds.

I'll suggest the Oiler stuff but chances are the bedding will eventually catch fire.

Scarlett said...

I think I have all that stuff for my actual bedroom! hahaha

the Prez said...

Which Sims is this? I always used to play The first edition of the Sims. It was great. Things caught on fire all the time.

Jordi said...

I remember the Sims! I was a king of slobby living and badly built houses.