02 January 2007

Guess who's back?

Source: Tsn.ca

Of note: He and his wife have seperated, so she won't join Rachel in the stands anytime soon.


Alana said...

Nedved is minus 20!? In 21 games?! Nice work, K.Lo -- our problem is defence, and we're bringing in a forward whose record sounds like he's been firing shots into his own net. Bloody hell.

In other news, I thought that Petr Nedved's name was the most hilarious thing ever when I was a young'un. Mostly because it rhymes with "bedhead."

Anonymous said...

Word on the street is that Philly had him in role of checking center. Unfortunately, they never looked at his hockey resume which reads "Czech" center. Not checking.

But really, I'm not one to lie. I'm one to be lied upon.


(This is hot-oil after all!)

Anonymous said...

P.S. Thank you AD. How I love to quote thee.

Anonymous said...

I heard Stolly and Rachel broke up.

Although Tricia Helfer was at the game the other night - maybe he's dating the Canadian supermodel now??

Anonymous said...

I heard Stolly and Rachel broke up.

Well that would explain why Stoll is playing so well as of late.

Anonymous said...

Tricia Helfer's hot! Stollie should definitely date her instead. Oh my gawd, I wonder if he's going to get a guest spot on Battlestar Galactica!? Jarret Stoll as one of the 5 unseen cylons.

Oh man.

Anonymous said...

um i thought tricia helfer is married.
oh well. go stolly either way.

uni said...

From all the Star Wars and Battlestar Galactic stuff I've seen on the Oiligosphere I guess it's true; the sports geek does exist. =D

Pam (chopper) said...

Stoll is the man for the Oilers right now.
December Molson Cup 3 Stars winner baby!
He is better off without Rachel Hunter. She's a D-list model anyways.

As for Nedved coming back, this could possibly be the start of a bigger deal, say either Horcoff or Torres (I hope to hell not tho) going for a reliable puck moving d-man???

CA said...

actually, my friend saw Stolly at Silver City the other day and he was with none other than Rachel Hunter.
Oh well.