28 January 2007

Stoll + Hunter = Gossip

So, we recently heard some rumours that Stoli and Rachel Hunter had gone their separate ways. Luckily, paparazzi were available to catch the happy couple together on the beach during the past week. Not to worry, Oil fans -- Rod Stewart's ex-wife looks to remain tied to Edmonton, at least for the time being. We are famous by proxy! Although I have to point out that Jarret's shorts are on the extreme end of ugly. Whatever, we beat L.A.! THE OILERS ARE THE BEST TEAM IN HISTORY! BECAUSE I'M DRUNK! BECAUSE IT'S MY BIRTHDAY PARTY DAY!


the Prez said...

Haapppyyyy Birthday party day, Alana!

Wooo! Drunkeness!

And those shorts are horrendous.

grace said...

Happy Birthday.

Glad you finally posted the pics. And didn't post the one of her underlings.

Shawn said...

Happy Birthday! Those are just swim shorts man, no swim shorts are great looking.

Lord Bob said...

I hereby declare Jarret Stoll's new nickname to be "Wonder Bread".

As it is written, let it be done.

Alana said...

Holy hell, was I in a beer-soaked haze last night. Those shorts are even uglier than I thought. Good call on "wonder bread," lord bob.

Thanks for the birthday wishes, guys! We went bowling!

~Shell~ said...

Happy birthday party day alana! :) :) :)

bwahahah Wonderbread!

Stoll played well last night.... he is the hotness... next to my husband Jason Smith, that is. ;)

Can I brag here that I was at the game last night? 9th row behind the Oilers bench? That we made it onto the big screen not once but twice? That I got some pictures of the guys coming out of their dressing room? That I saw my husband up close but not personal enough (damn)... I'm still flying on the Oil high :) :)

Loxy said...

Happy Birthday Alana!

Someone else wanted to wish you a happy day! (He didn't play last night so that he'd be rested for you)

Andy Grabia said...

Happy belated birthday Alana!