04 January 2007

Oilogosphere Hot-Off: Matchup #2

Pat (Black Dog Hates Skunks)

Favourite Oiler - Ryan Smyth for obvious reasons (he's a dope and that's funny, he's the heart and soul of the team and that's admirable)

Hair - Still have a pile despite pushing 40 and that's on my head, not popping out of various orifices, like many of my friends

What I used to look for in a lady (before I got married and had two kids) - sense of humour, good conversation, someone who likes to have fun (and that includes going out for pints pints pints)! What I look for now - is she my wife? Yep. Ok, I can proceed.

Boxers or briefs - boxers

Mantra - "I'm almost forty but I'm not dead yet!"
Of Note - Pat has never lived in Edmonton or Alberta, even, and yet he loves the Oil.

Colby Cosh (Website)
Mr. Cosh failed to send in a profile, but I think it's safe to say that this rugged specimen (and former editor of the Alberta Report) is a true prairie boy. Originally hailing from Bon Accord, which had a mean ringette team in my day, Mr. Cosh is the proud owner of two cats and claims to be 29% gay. Women love cats and gay men, right?

Chris! (Covered in Oil)

Height/Weight: 6-foot-3, 190 lbs

Average Body Temperature: 37C (HOT)

Rating on Scofield Scale: 250,000

Favourite Bon Jovi Song: "99 In the Shade" (THINK ABOUT IT, THAT'S


Favourite Oiler: Ethan Moreau — not for his hotness, but for his

efforts to preserve historic buildings.

Rate of Hair Loss: glacial.



Lord Bob said...

If you look at his webpage. that Colby Cosh pic is really an incredible likeness. Plus, he kinda has that look like I should expect to see him checking lines of sight between my window and the book depository if I don't vote for him. So Cosh it is.

Anonymous said...

Is that pic of Chris! the "Carolinian"?

I don't stand a chance.

Alana said...

No, Pat -- That's the "Bad Friend" you're up against. He'll steal your honey like he stole your bike.

Anonymous said...

My eyes are still watery from waking up so I clicked a random choice and voted. I think I've done my job.

allan said...

The bad friend seals it.

If you grow it back, I'll have your babies, Chris!

Anonymous said...

Black Dog mentioned beer and isn't going to steal your girlfriend. How can he NOT win?

Anonymous said...

I'm not voting in this thing but that third guy is the bastard who stole my barbeque.

Terrie said...

The bad friend is back! I'm in love. Sorry Allan, I'm having his babies first!

Colby Cosh said...

Damn. I should have planned ahead and grew my own Bad Friend.

Epinonymous said...

I like how the bad friend looks like mid twenties Fish G.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to beat the bad friend but if I knew I could've curried any kind of favour just by bashing on old Bon Jovi songs?

I coulda been a contender;)

That being said maybe I can actually send in some personal info if I make it to Round 2;)