28 January 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines.

We started with 24.

We found that Jesus and Ninjas couldn't beat sailboats and puppies.

We saw facial hair, body hair and kitty hair.

In your eyes, camera phones and honesty weren't enough.

And we are left with 4 people.

Two are from Covered in Oil, one is the legendary (but never photographed) Lowetide, and the last is Shawn.

Tuesday morning I will post Chris! vs. Lowetide. I ask that the competitors submit pictures, and I ask that the fans email me to put their support behind one of these men. Tell me why we should vote for your man. The best answers will get posted with a brief profile.


Anonymous said...

so, what's the holdup?

Chris! said...

Yeah, we're not getting any hotter over here.

Loxy said...

Sorry, busy with school. Will try to get up by end of day.