11 January 2007

I believe in the Church of Baseball Roloson

I'm happy to see that the Edmonton Journal finally decided that one of Roloson's more entertaining eccentricities -- batting the puck down the ice like a baseball -- is newsworthy. I've wondered about that weirdo move for a while, and it appears that he learned it from none other than that crazy old Czech, Dominik Hasek. I think it's funny that this play still makes MacT nervous, considering that Roli's probably the only player in the defensive end that can actually make a good break-out pass these days.

In other Roli news, my boyfriend apparently has a new mask. I've always hated that rig pig on the side, so I'm happy with the change. Supposedly the replacement should stay on his head better than the old version, but I hope they didn't tighten the straps too much -- I love pop-o-matic Roli!


Andy Grabia said...

Nice Bull Durham reference. I believe in the soul, the cock and the pussy, myself.

Anonymous said...

I love the departure of the oil-midget. I like - I mean I love the new mask. Sure the last one was fine but well it just brings out his eyes!

court said...

My friend and I go crazy when he does the baseball move. SQUEEE!!

Reporters took note of it when he was playing in Finland, too: http://www.thestateofhockey.net/forums/index.php?act=ST&f=6&t=2262

I swear, it's only a matter of time before he scores a goal. :D

Anonymous said...

I do sort of miss the gold plate on the back though....the guys who made it were always saying they wished they'd had more time to do something else with it but it was really nice contrast. The sides of the new one are way prettier though.

Anonymous said...

My family and I have speculated that the introduction of the new mask may have coincided with the beginning of Oilers' most recent slump. For this reason I don't trust the new one.