08 October 2006


What an effing shitshow. The game got off to a good start, with dreamy-eyed Lupul scoring his first goal as an Oiler, but what was with the parade of penalties in the 2nd and the complete lack of hustle in the 3rd on the way to a 2-1 loss to the (ugh) Flames? Disappointing, to say the least.

Did anyone else (shamefully) hope that Kipper wouldn't get up after being pummeled by Raffi? That guy singlehandedly kept the Flames in the game (as usual) -- he has some amazing moves. At the other end, I wasn't thrilled with Roli's play -- at least one of those goals probably shouldn't have gone in, and he was way out of position at times. However, he did save the defencemen's asses on a few plays so I think it evens out.

Speaking of -- holy crap there were some HUGE defensive mistakes tonight. Smid, in particular, definitely shows his age. I chuckled when one of the play-by-play guys said that Greene "could become one of the league's best defensemen," but I have to hand it to the guy -- he looked relatively good in this game and stayed out of the penalty box.

It was frustrating to see the team playing like they had given up midway through the third. They turned it on in the last minute-and-a-half of the game, but that's not enough to win. I think some more (shirtless) endurance training may be just what the doctor ordered, MacT! Don't forget to take pictures.

PS: Does anyone else hate that commercial with the lady banging her empty glass against the fridge to let her husband know she wants a new appliance? What a passive-agressive bitch.


Anonymous said...

You truly are the blog of blogs. And yes, that lady deserves her shitty fridge.

Her husband is just staying with her because he thinks he'll never get to nail another chick that good-looking unless he pays for it. Little does he realize he's *already* paying, and not just with his chequebook. At least a whore will let him feel like his virile manhood is alive and functioning. As it stands, he's locked in a sado-masochistic relationship of shame with no safety word.

Buy the damned fridge and leave her, man. Go find someone who really deserves your generous heart.

Fridge lady: Enjoy your ice.

What a shitstorm of a game. The positive: at least lupul can block shots.

Jordi said...

Okay um anonymous above me is creeping me.

I actually thought the Flames deserved to win. But at least my boyfriend Lupul scored with his hypnotic eyes.

d said...

i think the NHL '07 commercials as narrated by eric staal annoy me much much more.

mudcrutch79 said...

Wow...I actually described her as a passive-aggressive bitch as well. I was discussing the commercial with the person I was watching the game with and we figured the best that guy could hope for was the sweet release of death.

D. said...

I also hate the Eric Staal commercial. Shut up, Eric. By the way, Roloson wasn't in net when you won your precious face-off.

Lupul sure has nice eyes. But Sykora is my boyfriend.

In other news, today is Raffi's bday, just like me!

fleecefish said...

Smid's a great player, no doubt. We can't give him too hard of a time, though. This is only his second game, and in the BOA. That has to be tough :|

Has anyone noticed the trend in the last two games that we've lost to the Flamers? Lupul scores for us, but we still lose.

Yes, pictures. You guys need a special blog entry for Raffi :) It is his birthday after all.

Some good news to brighten your day: the Canes are 0 for 3. Lulzz.

the Prez said...

Because of the NHL '07 commercial, I may become violent every time I see Eric Staal on television.

Ryan said...

I know the guys that made all the new EA Sports commercials.
Rooster Teeth Productions in Buda, Texas. I gave them hell for the Eric Staal one. But they just looked puzzled. They don't know much about hockey.

Sherry said...

I think that Eric Staal commercial is a little suspect considering he had one of the worst face-off percentages last season.

Do you think Lupul use those sparkly eyes of his to hypnotize his opponents while on the ice like some sort of freakish Jedi mind trick? Like "This is not the puck you're looking for." Wouldn't it be awesome if he did?

Scarlett said...

Everytime I see that damn NHL 07 commercial, I end up throwing things at my tv. Sooner or later, my aim will improve and I will hit my mark.

Krista said...

I agree - they did give up in the middle of the third. And that five-forward powerplay wasn't doing it for me, especially when we were down by one with four minutes to go.

Also, I like that fridge commercial. Granted, she is the biggest jerkface ever, it's still funny. And on the topic of those NHL 2007 commercials, I love the wrap-around one with Straka... "I call this The Anaconda..."

Pam (chopper) said...

I as well hate that Staal commerical.
1st time I saw it during the home opener I was like "What a cold heartless stab at the Oilers and Oilers fans!"
2nd time I saw it, I wanted to punch Staal in the face. So if I ever meet Staal in person, I am going to punch him in the face, soley for that commerical. JERK.

Anonymous said...

ok wow....you guys must not appreciate a good hockey player when you see one....i think its all of you that needs a lil bit of a lesson on hockey. eric staal is an unbelievable hockey player and the canes had a phenomenal run to win the cup.....you guys need to get over it...we won..we deserved it ..we were the best...and be happy for a team that worked their butts off to win it. and you guys call yourselves fans? thats pretty funny if you ask me.