10 October 2006

Reason..er.. Number 3.

Genetics have been good to the Reasoner family. Sure they had a penance for matching outfits in the mid-90s, but the middle brother, David, went onto to becoming a golf pro, so the outfit works. And Marty is wearing Oilers blue!

The real "reason" (hehe, you should be happy I didn't throw in Rod "ex of Rachel Hunter" Stewart's Reason to Believe on midi file) that I'm writing this post is to highlight Reasoner #3. Adam no longer looks twelve years old. It's amazing what 10 years will do for a kid.

As a goaltender for Boston College, he hopes one day to be an NHL hockey player like his big brother Marty. Seriously, it says so on his (class project?) website. Watch out ladies, he's taken - by some sort of Calista Flockhart-Elizabeth Hasselbeck girl. And he loves HTML. What a man!


Sherry said...

That webpage just made me fall over laughing.

Not to be an HTML snob or anything...his love for the language clearly shows :P

Jordi said...

After seeing that girl I give up. My self esteem just took a pretty bad hit there.

Oh my god the html site is awesome. I love it!

Check out my brother’s new team at: http://www.bostonbruins.com/, when I grow up, I hope to be just like him!

Beautiful. *tear*

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

She's a twig.


Pam (chopper) said...

He needs to update his page - his brother is back with the Oilers.
Since, July sometimes. Geez.

She is so skinny, she has no boobs. LOL

Pam (chopper) said...

*sometime, not sometimes. oops.

Shawn said...

Ah the girl is probably like 17, don't worry she'll get some ass soon.

Lord Bob said...

As a Norwegian acquaintance of mine might say, it's not the size of the oniones, it's the presentation.

Okay, he's big on size, actually. But still. She's very nice looking. I'd reason her from Reasoner.