18 October 2006

A challenge, he says.

MC79 of MC79 fame has put, in writing, a challenge.

I think it is a fair challenge.
I think that we can do some digging.
I think the best course of action is to infiltrate the inner circle.

Due to this post, they will know that we are coming. (Granted, I'll only be coming from December 18-28, but that might be enough time to snag one of the fuglies.)

Prez? Alana? Ideas? Disguises?

Maybe I should explore the "Adam Reasoner" route.


Jordi said...

I'm uncomfortable with this challenge - only because it looks like an ugly world out there. I dunno, it just feels not quite right prying information about the kids and publishing such dirty secrets against their will. Now simple things that will not damage their career, I'm fine with that. But part of me wants them to be hockey player and nothing else.

Besides, how can I justify hating MAB if he turns out to be a sweetie? Either way I still loathe him.

Alana said...

I don't consider taken/not taken a "dirty secret" -- if anything, it may prevent unwanted advances. I am willing to accept this challenge, but I think I'll have to wait 'til the weekend to really get my research skillz going.

Dominique said...

I think its fair game, I mean I'm sure they run wedding announcements and such when they get married, its not like anyone is advocating breaking into their houses to search for tampons.
That said, I used to date a guy who is friends with Lupul and I believe he mentioned that he is (or at least was in early summer) single. He said something along the lines of the puckbunnies in Anaheim being slightly more scarce since the slutty women apparently chase after movie stars in those parts.
I think the foreigners will be harder to track down, they could have cute Czech gfs back home

amy said...

In May, I think it was... MAB and Georges were both at my school as special guests for some "french week" thing. And I know for a fact that MAB had a girlfriend. So unless they broke up since then, he's taken.

Anonymous said...

Do you think hockey players are like rock stars and they actually try to hide their attachments because you get more screaling girls out to shows (games) if they think you're unattached??

Sherry said...

Rachel Hunter looks very leathery.

I know an easy way to find out this information, get Lupul on ET Canada :P

mudcrutch79 said...

its not like anyone is advocating breaking into their houses to search for tampons.

Like the Oilers in the playoffs, I say whatever it takes.

Eyeris said...

I'll volunteer myself to find out more about Adam Reasoner. I'm living in Boston right now and Boston College is like 5 T-stops from my house. In fact, I'm willinf to actively sabbotage his relationship if one exists.

All for the sake of you girls!

Jordi said...

I guess I sort of jumped the gun because I just assume that getting this info will be easy first time round. But following up may be a bit problematic and then somene's friend of a friend of a friend will claim this or that. And then somewhere someone will go "goldigging whore" and hell will break loose.

But I guess that's the worst case scenario.

Pam (chopper) said...

Oilers that are married and have children - Moreau, Staios, Smyth, Smith, Horcoff, Pisani, Roloson, Markkanen, Sykora. Reasoner is married, but I don't know if he has any children.
Stoll, Bergeron, Hemsky, Torres, all have gfs I think........... rest of the team I have no idea.

Alana said...

Is there any proof that Hemmer has a girlfriend?

Thanks for the help, ladies -- this may be easier than we thought.

Grace said...

And some of them have girlfriends on the road. Perhaps we should do a city by city list of where they don't have girlfriends. If they need one in Vancouver I'm always single on days leading up to their arrival and a few days after their departure. You hear that Ethan, Ryan and Jason?

Jen Z said...

I don't think it's too prying. What's a wedding ring anyways? An announcement that someone is taken. No one would consider looking at a hockey player's left hand "too nosy". I think I might look into doing this for the Canucks too!

Karina said...

The Leafs actually have an organization for the so-called "Wives and Partners" of the Leaf players. This past Saturday, Matt Stajan's girlfriend was interviewed on HNIC.

You might wanna look into whether the Oilers have an equivalent organization, and see what they do and show up to an event.

Jordi said...

Oh silly me. I saw this thing months ago.


It's a fun read. I can't remember who was in there. I *think* it said Reasoner was taken already, or even married?

Alana said...

Reasoner is indeed married. Thanks for the link, Jordi!

Anonymous said...

Thoresen is also married with a kid.
Bergeron does have a GF. Apparently Torres doesn't (!?).
Stoll does but apparently that doesn't really matter?
Smid does.
Winchester doesn't.
Greene, as far as I know, doesn't.
Lupul I'm almost positive doesn't.
Tjarnqvist is also married with a kid, I believe.

amy said...

Mikhnov also has a wife. I read somewhere that she was coming to Edmonton on Tuesday after they played the 'nucks. and then they were going apartment shopping.

amy said...


What is with the new design on the roster pictures?

Loxy said...

The Oilers wives and girlfriends organize different fundraisers during the year. I know they were selling autographed pucks at games a few years back, etc.

Okay, we need to compile the info.