06 October 2006

We're just tired, I suppose.

31 days of daily posts. It wears on you.

We all were so excited for game 1 of the season, that we forgot to write anything.

In fact, even today, I'm at a loss for words as to what I should say. I'm just so proud of this team. And I'm excited. And I have to go to school.

Enjoy! (Has nothing to do with Edmonton, it's just funny)


theDrizzler said...

Funny Shit...

Jaime used to be our street hockey goalie in St. Albert MANY years ago. We always thought he was nuts because who wants to play goalie in street hockey? Especially back in the day when salt and pebbles were the favoured way to battle icy streets thereby loading evey slap shot buck shot. I Have followed him along through the years of back-up roles and am glad he's made a carreer out of it. That was a fairly hilarious video.

Grace said...

Did you see that the Oilers extended Hot-Off Champ Moreau for 4 years? Management has been keeping an eye on this and realized what an asset it would be to keep him!! Woohoo!!!

Jordi said...

Oh crap. Now I like Mclennan.

Loxy said...

He's kinda adorable.

Pam (chopper) said...

That was pure gold!
Love it!