07 October 2006

Oh. Yeah.

Now that I've overcome the feeling of loss over the end of the Hot Off, I'm able to talk a little bit about the hotness of yesterday's game (which I was lucky enough to go to).

The Western Conference banner was raised and revealed in front of the fans, while the Oilers sat in the dressing room. It was on the other side of the scoreboard from where I was sitting, so I couldn't really see it. But I knew it was there.

It's clear that Roloson did not suffer any permanent damage from his injury in June (thank your lucky stars, Bergeron).

Sykora was obviously the hero of the game, earning himself the first star. With three points on the game, he went on to prove that he's more than just a silly emo haircut. He's not on either of my fantasy hockey teams, but he made an assist on the goal of Krasnokamsk Charm's very own defenseman, Daniel Tjarnqvist (and I was ridiculed for that pick). Tjarnqvist spent more time on the ice than any other Oiler that game. And he's sexy.

Thoreson also impressed me on Thursday. He threw his body all over the ice in attempts to block the puck. The boy is fearless like Igor Ulanov.

This post tells you nothing of Edmonton's sweet 3-1 victory, but a) you've heard it before, and b)I've been celebrating Alexander Keith's belated 211th birthday. And I've been celebrating hard.

Mr. Hot Oil Hot Off 2006 gets a contract extension! And the Oilers new site is hideous. I hate change.


Jordi said...

I dunno about Shaggy, I ain't buying his awesome Swede act. He needs a longer to grow on me.

But Sykora. Yeah that was hot.

Alana said...

I think that contract extension is a direct result of the Hot-Off win.

Rachael said...

Alana - I was totally thinking the same thing! Sigh, my dreams of him coming to Ottawa are shattered :(

Scarlett said...

Sykora....hot hot hot!

And I hate the new Oiler website too. Change is bad!

Andy Grabia said...

Hemmer was the star of the game. Don't hate on Hemmer because of the scar-neck.

the Prez said...

I was talking about Molson's three stars.

Pam (chopper) said...

Moreau for four more years is goooooooooooood.

That news totally made my day on Friday.