15 October 2006

Oh Yeah.

I learned last night that Milan Hejduk is a fast motherfucker. Seriously. Fast. No matter -- the adorable Roli played a great game and fended off the boys in purple (with no help from MAB, mind you) on the way to a surprisingly exciting 4-3 win. Rad!

Not to beat a dead goat, but I blame the second goal against the Oilers entirely on Mr. Bergeron. In front of Roloson, MAB decided to stop skating with Tyler Arnason and feebly wave his stick at him instead as he drove the net and scored. If you're too tired to skate with your man, get off the damn ice you horrible troll!

As noted here, Ryan Smyth is an idiot savant when it comes to being in the perfect place at the perfect time. He was at the top of his game again last night, popping the puck past Jose Theodore twice. Sykora got the game winner with his amazing bendy stick on a shot from the high slot. I think Mr. Hilton was distracted by his impending hair loss.

Following the game, the batch of Toronto- and Jersey-residin' Edmonton ex-pats who had collected at our place to watch the game became distracted by shiny, shiny YouTube. This, this, and this will blow your mind.

In other news, the Oilers have updated their roster page to make it easier to compare the relative hotness across our boys. Shout out?


Ryan said...

I blame MAB for most of my own personal problems, as well as the problems of the world.

the Prez said...

It's become a tradition in our game-watching (whether it be at the game or just watching it on TV) to yell horrible obsceneties whenever Bergeron is on the ice. God, is he ever terrible.

And that "Live Mario" thing on YouTube is the greatest thing I've ever seen.

Eyeris said...

Photographically, I think those roster picture are horrid! The lighting was bad (a good comparison would be the Ducks Sykora photo and the Oilers Sykora photo. The former, though a little over-contrasted in photoshop, was well lit and nice), half of them look stunned and all of them look like it was taken in a photobooth in West Edmonton Mall. Seeing them in a roll just confirms that.

I suggest that the Oilers management splurge a little bit and actually pay a real photographer to redo the team photos. Photos that deserves the Hot Oil fan(girl) mail.

Jordi said...

It is not a shoutout until those roster photos are good enough to kiss.

Has MAB ever been beaten up walking to his car before? I'm working my out my way on how to get to Edmonton.

D. said...

I blame Bergeron for everything. It's handy....and proven. Why is he on this team? I dislike him so.

Pam (chopper) said...

Bergeron is the new "Tom Poti" of the team.
Like Poti, he was once a promising prospect who has now turned into crap.
If Bergie keeps up his Poti-ish type play, can you say 'booed out of town like Poti' was?
Us Oilers fans have done it before, and would do it again.