24 October 2006

Sorry, Gretzky...

Boos for Comrie, cheers for Laraque.

The last time I attended a game against Phoenix, Edmonton destroyed them 7-1. On Monday, I again had the pleasure of witnessing the destruction of the Coyotes, even if it was on a slightly lesser scale.

The Oilers finally benefitted from their man advantage, scoring twice on the powerplay. Horcoff and Stoll finally scored their firsts of the season, leaving a frustrated-looking and pointless Pisani in the dust.

Baldness helped Raffi Torres, as he scored the first goal of the game. Maybe if he shaves off the ludicrous facial hair, he'll get promoted back to the second line. But not likely, because Thoreson is a machine! This city will quickly fall in love with the Thoreson-Sykora-Hemsky line, for good reason. Sykora and Hemsky scored the fourth and fifth goals for the Oilers last night, giving Sykora four points on the night.

Mikhnov played his first regualr season NHL game last night, unimpressively. He wouldn't have even been noticed, had it not been for his enormous stature and snail-paced skating. We miss you, Ethan.

Edmonton is obsessed with Laraque. I saw no fewer than seven Phoenix Laraque jerseys, and that was just from where I was sitting. Would you purchase the jersey for your favourite team or for your favourite player?

The night's three stars: The Oilers' second line. Sykora, Hemsky and Thoreson took first, second and third respectively.

Oilers forwards (who play on a regular basis) yet to score a goal: Reasoner, Winchester and Pisani!

In other news, you can now test your Ulanov knowledge!


Alana said...

I would buy a jersey for my favourite team, not my favourite player. Of course, my favourite player would ideally play for my favourite team.

Poor Mikhnov. Maybe he needs to take some power skating classes?

I scored a dismal 3 out of 10 on the Ulanov quiz.

Loxy said...

I got 2 out of 10. I couldn't sell my soul to satan for a right answer.