02 October 2006

ET Canada stole ideas from us

I love ET Canada. I watch it everyday and if I don't watch it, I tape it. In fact, I usually TiVo (which I bought just for ET Canada) every episode and watch it twice over. I think the news they bring to the world is essential for humanity and the betterment of society. They are a newscast of honesty, uniqueness and a source of pride for Canadians.

Until today.

So, I flipped past a quick clip of Wade Redden on global this evening. Thinking that I had magically gotten a new hockey channel, just in time for the season no less, I had to return. What I found was ET Canada plagiarised us. This week, they are profiling hot hockey players each day. Now, I realize that we tend to specialize on Oilers here at Hot-Oil (hence the name). But (ala GOB)... Come On!

If I had access to Wade Redden's house, of course I'd do an expose. And it'd be wicked-good*, considering my future career as a broadcast journalist**.

(*If ET Canada even thinks of stealing the term, "wicked-good" from me, then wait.. I'll have proof that they are plagiarizing sons of bitches.)

(**Supposing that I complete the next two years and that someone hires me after I become world renowned at Hot-Oil.)

I don't know who ET Canada is doing for the rest of their weekly series on hot hockey men, but I'm willing to bet that the winner of Hot-Oil's Hot-Off (the finals are TOMORROW, bitches!) will be their keynote player on Friday. They are probably planning to dedicate an entire hour to the man among boys who wins our inaugural contest.

Speaking of which, there has been some questions as to what the winner is going to receive (outside of their 1 hour special on ET Canada and upcoming biography on CBC's Life and Times). Well, we have selected the prize and it will remain a secret until October 4th - the day we reveal YOUR CHOSEN WINNER to kick off the regular season.


Achtungbaby said...

How can a guy not look hot wearing a Gap t-shirt? You females are powerless against that brands charms.

the Prez said...

Let's sue. You can demand access to more players' homes as compensation!

Jordi said...

Hah! I can kick Redden's ass!

*ahem* That aside, I totally agree with demanding for compensation. Maybe some of them can come live in your houses, and mine if they want some international flavour. If they don't mind sharing beds. Tell them to bring sandwiches kay?

Alana said...

I know they're doing an Oiler because I caught a glimpse during one of their ads. I'm not sure who, though -- in the split-second I saw it looked like Smytty.

Lord Bob said...

Here's what I wanna know: whatever happened to that rather heavy-set older-looking brother of Wade's? As a rather heavy-set older-looking brother, I have some sympathy for those who caught the beta version of a hockey player's genetics, and it would warm the cockles of my heart to learn he was playing semi-pro in Azerbaijan for $85,000 a year or something.

Sherry said...

I saw that segment. Perhaps I shouldn't have and then I'd be none the better about the fact that he has a girlfriend :P

Aww...such an adorable picture. Where the heck do you guys get such private pictures of these guys from? Or do I not want to know?

And Jordi, you better leave him alone :P, for your own safety of course. You could probably take me but I get the feeling the Redden army consists of alot more females.

Big T said...

Where did you get that picture of Bart and Wade??? That pic seriously hangs on the wall as you walk down the stairs to his parents basement. That is some serious pseudo-ninja sneakiness you've got there to nab that. Spooky.


Pam (chopper) said...

Wade Redden has a gf? Dammit, there goes my plan of him being my future husband.

Guess I will have to start stalking Lupul. Unless he has a gf too.......


Rob and the Girls said...

They had a segment today on Dion. I found it hilarious when they showed a picture of him as a kid wearing an OILER jersey!!

Rachael said...

Wade's brother Bart is married and living in T.O. I think he's an engineer or something. A mural of the pic of him and his brother can be seen at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario since Wade has made so many generous donations :)

He may have a gf but it's still nice to look at him!

Jordi said...

The key word if girlfriend. Not permanent. Just current.