01 October 2006

October: delicious

Today is October first. Beautifully enough, it is also Mr. Ulanov's 37th birthday. Get out the birthday candles! Because this blog has more than one member, I must also point out that because it is Igor's birthday today, it will be Roli's 37th birthday in eleven days.

Other Oiler October birthdays:
October 8th - Raffi "The Pornstar" Torres
October 13 - Marc-André Bergeron
October 14 - Daniel Tjarnqvist


Pam (chopper) said...


7 sleeps til my Raffi's birthday!
woooooooooo :)

afterburner said...

Happy Birthday, Ulanov!

Jordi said...

Haha 13. Bergeron.

Awww Happy birthday Ullie

Lowetide said...

Stay in shape, Igor. Lowe will call you after the 11th 2-on-1.