20 October 2006

I *heart* Pisani's wife.

(Clockwise from top left: Pisani, Huddy, Smith, Staios)

I got this picture from a story about the "Lives of the wives". It's amazing what you can find if you type "Oiler Wives" into google. As I thought, they have a charity and for 3 and a half pages of that article - I was empathetic for what they have to deal with. That was until the last line of the last paragraph, care of Mrs. Smith:
"It can be hard. You can't help but think of the guys on the road, eating out, staying in great hotels, eating nice meals. And you're home wiping up baby poop and eating Kraft Dinner again."

Eating Kraft Dinner? Give me a friggin' break. Even Brad Winchester makes more this year than I'll make in the next ten years combined.

So Mrs. Smith? You're not getting any sympathy from me. There are actual families who eat Kraft Dinner every night because it costs around $1 to produce. And what about the health of your children? Cook up a stir fry if you know what is good for you! I bet you can afford some bell-peppers too! And instead of throwing in pieces of cardboard for protein like I do, you might use meat.

That said, I love Heidi Pisani. I found this podcast video about the Oilers wives charity stuff. Heidi seems so sweet. She's just an Edmonton kid who fell for her high school sweetheart. (And I have higher respect for people who are fair skinned like myself - even ginger kids - we take a lot of flack just because we fade in and out of walls)

You can find out more about what the ladies are doing here.


Alana said...

From the "Lives of the Wives" article:

"The Oilers are a particularly unique dynamic in that only five players -- Marc-Andre Bergeron, Georges Laraque, Ales Hemsky, Matt Greene and Jarret Stoll -- are unmarried. All the others are not only married but also have kids."

I'm 99.9999999% sure that Raffi Torres does not have a wife and kids (yet). Poor Raffi -- Ginger Kids always get forgotten.

Other than that quibble, it's an interesting article. However, I'm dissappointed to see Mrs. Smith call fangirldom "pathetic" -- the squeeing masses pay your damn bills, lady.

Loxy said...

Mrs. Smith is jealous.

She can't go wild for Kyle Hot-Rodziak because she's already married to an old man.

Grace said...

I think the comment you attributed to Mrs. Smith actually belonged to Mrs. Smyth. I've read it a couple of times to make sure.

As for Mrs. Smith's statement, I think she's pathetic and insecure.

I also think you have the bottom two wives mixed up. I think Staios' wife is the blonde at bottom right.

Anonymous said...

I've seen a few things about Heidi Pisani as well and I think she's great. So sweet and down to Earth. Stacey Smyth is as well.

And as for the KD - You know that Raffi Torres still eats Kraft Dinner. As the Bare Naked Ladies would say he just eats "more Kraft Dinner...with fancy ketchups."

margee said...

Thank you, Alana. I really panicked that it was in print that Raffi was not single. Panic!

And I bet he eats his Kraft dinner with salsa. All those hits are probably the result of indigestion.

Jordi said...

Kraft dinner. Uh. Don't want to sound like a snob, but how does he keep his figure so nice that way?

I think it's nice that they're heralded in a way but at the same time I kind of wonder if any of them really prefer to be doing their own thing than joining the club but would rather not risk looking like a total bitch. I mean, taking on their hubby's last name is just so people won't confuse them and go "who the hell are you?"

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. It was really interesting to read and it makes me feel a little bit less jealous of Mrs. Staios (not by much though)!

Naomi said...

New to this blog, and I love it! :)

Heidi really is a sweet person. I used to work with her at Pizza Hut years ago, before they got married. It's really good to see her doing so well.

Lord Bob said...

Kraft Dinner is awesome for reasons other than frugality. If you were an Oilwife (I'll pause so that you can all sigh dreamily), and your husband Kyle was off playing in San Jose while all the Brodzilings were running into each other and trying to powerslam the delicate china vase Kyle got you for your anniversary, you'd want to save time on dinner too.

Also, Blogger is fascist to those of us who prefer text-based computer environments. What bastards.

Dave said...

Don't worry -- Ginger Kids are people too! Sort of...


alli said...

Loxy, i would like to say that i have more than a few problems with you. first of all, stop picking apart the wives and what they say, your jealousy is incredibly apparent. When mrs. Smyth made that comment, i am sure she was not saying she could not afford the food, and never once did she make it sound that way. im sure her point was her husband is at fancy resturaunts and she is making their children food at home. and also, you seem to be such a fan you should know. mrs smyth, does more than enough charity work for those who cant afford more than kd. lets face it it didnt really make you feel any better to write those things and it certainly didnt make you look any better, so do yourself and everyone else a favor and talk about things you know.

Loxy said...

Since a lot of people seem to be finding this article with the recent Smyth trade, I thought I should reply to the last comment.

I get the point that she is at home cooking. But if you read the quote, "...eating Kraft Dinner again", I don't think it's wrong for me to take it literally.

If you think I'm honestly jealous of women who "get" to marry Oilers, you've obviously pegged me wrong. I joke about it, sure. But it's more that I can't offer sympathy. It's like celebrities who complain that paparazzi follow them around. Don't pretend that you didn't know what you were signing up for. Every job has its plus and minus. Hockey wives don't see their husbands half the year. You are stuck at home with the kids.

I subside on much less than 30K a year. Ryan Smyth makes more than that per game - injured or not.

And if I was being financially supported by a hockey player, I'd have all the time in the world to do charity work.

The lives of the famous are scrutinized at a different level then the rest of us.

By the way, your opinion will be taken more seriously if you invest in some capital letters and proper punctuation.

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Anonymous said...

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