25 December 2007

Last year I said I got this for Christmas - but in the end, I didn't.

This year, my best friend made up for it.

Merry Christmas!
P.S. I blame all the people who voted Ales to win the hot-off as the reason for his recent injury.

The hot-off curse begins! Here we go 2008!

21 December 2007

We have FINALS


You know the drill...

Shout at the Devils!

Back in the land of oil and honey for a few days, I managed to score tickets to tonight's tilt against the Devils of New Jersey. And I will make a point of shout, shout, shouting at them. The Prez is gonna be there too, so we'll be holding our annual Hot Oil Symposium during the second intermission behind some garbage cans under section 118. Motions will be passed, makeovers will be done, and Oiler-related swooning will ensue. Or something. Anyways, I GOTS OILER TICKETS! GO! OIL!

20 December 2007

Semi-finals, part deux.

The Favourite

The Underdog


The Results

Hemsky: 84
Moreau: 70
Anonymous votes (don't count): 5
Ulanov (and it wasn't me): 1

There will be a new Hot Off Champion in town.

15 December 2007

I need to count those votes.

But instead I'm writing about visiting Edmonton. That's right folks, the Loxy is in the Edmonton. For 3 nights only! Last night, I visited this fun dueling piano bar called Ivory something-or-other. In the crowd was local celebrity and stealer of the term "Scorcoff", Gene Principe.

I would've taken a picture of him doing dirty dances with a blonde lady, but by that time, the place had cleared out pretty much and I would've looked like a paparazzi. I should've talked to him. I should've accused him of stealing our word. I was not a very good investigative journalist!

Next time, Principe, next time.

07 December 2007


We're down to the final four Hot-Off contenders: Moreau, Hemsky, Staios (WTF?), and Souray. Today's matchup pits a Czech against a Chopper. A propensity to pass against a propensity to collect freak injuries. Who's it going to be? VOTE NOW.



Ethan, de-throned!

05 December 2007

Three wins in a row!

Until this:  

01 December 2007

Last Round of the Quarter Final!

Evidence that we have slipped into Bizarro Oil Country:

1) The Oil pulled a win out of their asses last night to defeat that douche CFP.
2) Moreau's wingman Staios managed to beat reasonably-attractive Marty Reasoner in the Hot-Off.

Me am not ready to end this week's ugly-contest!

Hockey-player-Souray am in perfect health and am have excellent minus-rating! Do not vote against Souray!

Hockey-player-Torres am not half-alive and am not unperplexed none of the time. Do not vote against Torres!