29 November 2008

Epic! Young vs Old.. Hot vs. Hot

Sheldon Souray vs. Sam Gagner

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Sorry Sam, you're not enough of a man, yet. Souray wins.

24 November 2008

Hockeys Future describes the next two competitors

Most experts agree that Nilsson is one of the most talented Swedish players since the Sedins and at draft time was on par with Peter Forsberg and Markus Naslund when they were Nilsson's age. It should be noted however that Naslund and especially Forsberg developed their games dramatically the year after they were drafted and Nilsson's development has come along slower.

Nilsson is extremely gifted offensively. He can do pretty much anything with the puck and combines a great skating technique with fine technical skills, excellent passes and tremendous hockey sense. He is more of a play-maker than a sniper but is still capable of putting the puck in the net.

A bit of a sucker for punishment, Cornet often finds himself digging for the puck in the corners and along the boards and battling against players much larger and stronger then he is. To his credit, he takes his knocks and always gets up and tries again when he gets outmuscled and knocked down. When he does get the puck, he has the ability to thread a pass that has no business getting through, thanks to his on-ice awareness and soft hands, but his lack of strength reduces his effectiveness.
The Nils takes it!

20 November 2008

Lubo vs. Poulo

Loxy commentary:

These are two guys I've considered for my new favourite Oiler. While it's been nearly six months since Marty left, I still haven't been able to attach myself to a new guy. Pouliot has the underdoggedness (combined with very untimely illness before the cup run) and Visnovsky has the slight comic timing of a charming soul. Maybe combined they could be my man, but separate, I'm not yet convinced. When you are judging this and any other competition, I remind you to look past the pictures I post. I'm lazy and often don't find the best of both worlds.

Lubo has the cuter smile, but I'm a big fan of Poo's sweater.

YOU vo-eted for LUBO!


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18 November 2008

Goaltenders get the girls, but he's up against the Hot Rod.

Jeff Drouin-Deslauriers vs. Kyle Brodziak

As expected, this wasn't even close. The Hot Rod wins.

14 November 2008

Former Champ takes on Guitar Hero

Ethan Moreau:

Jason Strudwick:

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12 November 2008

The round that Penner wins

Chris Vande Velde is good at spouting off hockey cliches.

Dustin Penner is funny, but I couldn't find a good clip to show it.

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What did I tell you Lord Bob? Penner wins. Easy peasy japanesey.

10 November 2008

What Monday? Right?

Ales Hemsky random fact, brought to you from wikipedia:

Hemský returned to the Czech Republic to play 47 games for HC Moeller Pardubice during the 2004 NHL Lockout. During that time, he scored 13 goals and 31 points, fifth on the club. Pardubice won the Extraleague championship for the first time in 16 years, and Hemský was named playoff MVP for his efforts.

While in the Czech Republic, Hemský was slashed on the left side of his neck with a broken beer bottle by an unidentified assailant in a Czech bar. He still has the scar.

Andrew Cogliano random fact, brought to you from wikipedia:

On March 7, March 9, and March 11 of 2008, Cogliano set an NHL record by scoring overtime goals in three consecutive games against the Columbus Blue Jackets, Chicago Blackhawks and St. Louis Blues. His stick and gloves were subsequently sent to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Cogliano grew up in Woodbridge, Ontario. During the winter, he and his older brother played hockey and during the summer they played soccer.

In round two, you vote in the comments. Anonymous does not count.


01 November 2008

Round 2 starts Monday

The polls were fun in round 1 but now it's time to be seriously dedicated. To vote, you'll have to leave a comment. Anonymous posters will not be counted.

And we'll be starting with a battle of epic proportions... here's how everyone stacks up.

Yay for screen captures!

And if you can't wait for Oilers content, a friend of mine is video blogging about the team - at Trent's Art.