30 January 2008

Happy Birthday Alana!

West Edmonton Mall Oiler Signing
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And as a side note, looks like Stoll and his older woman are still going strong:  Rachel Hunter!

26 January 2008

Shawn Horcoff is the Fastest Man Alive!

Squee! Not all is lost in Oilerland -- Horc just won the "fastest skater" competition at SuperSkills and then zinged everyone's favourite hedgehog, Craig Simpson. My night, it has been made.

18 January 2008

Russia Representz!!

DET/EDM 23 February 2007
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I wrote a post a couple years ago on my other blog entitled: You may know me as "Marty Reasoner's biggest fan". It got some responses, but none like the one it got today:

Konsty has left a new comment on your post "You may know me as "Marty Reasoner's biggest fan"":

Hey listen there, Marty Reasoner got some big fans in Russia. I mean its me and some my friends. We produced Russian Marty Reasoner's fan site (reasoner.km.ru).

A Marty Reasoner fan site in Russian.

I have nothing to say. I am in shock.

More Marty Content:

People love him.

11 January 2008

We Are the Media's Bitches


Not a bad little piece, considering the source. Thanks to Loxy for doing the interview, and to the Sun for feeding our egos.

Edit!! Another one this week

10 January 2008

All Star Hot

How well do you know Shawn Horcoff?

Answer the following questions in the comments and I'll Scorcoff them...

1. Shawn Horcoff's favourite restaurant in Edmonton.
2. What book has Horcoff read 4 times?
3. If Horcoff wasn't a hockey player, what would he be?
4. Which eye colour does Horcoff like better? (He has heterochromia. The rest of us are homos.)
5. What is the last big ticket item Horcoff bought?


08 January 2008

"Yo mama's so fat..."

We already knew that Sean Avery was full of class, but now I've discovered that he is also the king of comebacks. Apparently Avery does not take well to taunts from opposing fans. While his team was participating in intense warm-up drills before the game on Saturday, Avery was busy speculating about the weight of the taunter's absent girlfriend. On three separate occasions.

Elisha Cuthbert knew how to pick 'em.

07 January 2008

Introducing the Oilers' Newest Sponsor

Breaking News: Marty Reasoner? Funny Guy

Also, I'm feeling the pressure to send Hemsky a prize. Stay tuned on that front.

05 January 2008

Sirs and Ladysirs - Hot Oil Presents your 2007 Hot-Off Champion

A 12-year-old boy who goes by the name Ales. You pervs.

Here's your certificate, Hemmer. Feel free to print it off and hang it in your locker beside your Linkin Park poster:

There will be no prize package this year because I suspect that the Oilers mailman is a thief. Either that or Ethan Moreau is an ungrateful bastard, which is unthinkable.

I'd also like to point out that Moreau re-entered the lineup and Hemsky got injured immediately after Hemsky's Hot-Off victory became apparent. Coincidence?

The curse of the Hot-Off is real, y'all. Next year vote for Stortini.

02 January 2008

Post 300


P.S. Hemsky won the hot-off. (No wonder Moreau is back in the lineup)