28 January 2009

Not Hot

I didn't watch last night's game.
I didn't watch any of the replays.
I didn't even find out the final score.

But if it happens again, no one comes out hot.

24 January 2009

All Star Festivities

I'm trying to watch but I'm quickly falling asleep. Right now, it's the shootout competition (not the fancy one where Ovechkin put on a hat) but the straight-forward one. It's down to Hejduk, Doan and Savard. It entertains me as long as I'm on my computer doing other things.

Update: Down to Doan and Savard.

Earlier I watched Cogliano win the fastest skater. That was fun, for the 3 minutes it lasted. Oh, and I missed the hardest shot. Souray came third. The TV may have been on, but I don't remember watching. (That's how exciting this stuff is)

Update: Shane Doan wins.

Random fact: Shane Doan and Carey Price are cousins.

I've been reading a lot about how to make the NHL All Star game better. The best suggestion would be to have it in a tropical location. While I realize there's an interest in having it in NHL cities so that fans can meet the players, but the guys are going to be more hyped if it's like a holiday. (Though, for me, Montreal is a place I would holiday, but I'm not an NHL player.)

Anyways, on my other blog I'm gonna do an NHL themed Marry Boff Kill. Enjoy!

Oh, and what are the rest of the oilers doing right now?

19 January 2009

The Clip

Thanks Andy!

17 January 2009

Welcome to left field.

Au revoir, Mathieu Garon. I'm still not sure that this isn't a hallucination resulting from my hangover. Saturdays aren't just for cartoons anymore, Oilers fans.

06 January 2009


Hey there! I hope you all had a great holiday! I just thought I'd put up a quick post to congratulate Team Canada on their 5th straight gold medal at the IIHF Juniors -- especially the Oilers' own Jordan Eberle, who had an amazing tournament. And who is also hot. Nice work, fellas!