29 June 2008

Jarret Stoll: Rachel Hunter-bound

Apparently it takes a trade like this for me to get off my ass and blog for a change. Just as I was warming up to Matt Greene's lovable tolerable on-ice follies, he gets shipped to Los Angeles for that Eastern European treat (Slovakia is close enough to Russia for my taste). Visnovsky will make more per year than the ladies' favourite hair gel-abuser, Souray for the remainder of Souray's contract here. I hope someone has carefully inspected Visnovsky's shoulder.

Rachel Hunter will undoubtedly be pleased about the shorter commute.

22 June 2008

Fresh Meat

Oh, hello. I'm dusting off this here blog to welcome yet another infant to the team: Jordan Eberle. I have to commend the powers that be -- Mr. Eberle is kind of hot. And also an Oilfan, which is always attractive. Too bad he's, like, 12.

What do you guys think of the new addition?

15 June 2008

NHL All-Rookie Team welcomes an Oiler...

It's old news, but hey, I'm just yearning for content on this site and haven't received anything from my new tryouts...

So, despite all the love for Cogs and Gagner, Tom Gilbert came out the only Oilers winner during the NHL award season.

Robbed... Pantsani.

It's kinda crappy to argue who had a crappier year.. but based on that definition.. I'd really argue for Fernando.

03 June 2008

Now accepting submissions.

You may have noticed an absence in blogging here at Hot Oil. You may have also noticed an absence of the Oilers in the playoffs. There may be a connection.

With the playoffs wrapping up in the very near future, it's time to start looking towards next year and the future of Hot Oil.

It's time to add a new recruit.

If you are interested, please submit the following information in the comments:
1. Name
2. Favourite Oiler
3. Reason why you think you'd make a good blogger.
4. Short bio about yourself
5. Will you be a guest on my resurrected podcast?
6. What is your nickname?
7. What clever nickname have you come up with for an oiler?
8. If you were having drinks with Shawn Horcoff, who would pick up the tab and what would be on it?
9. How are you related to an Oiler?
10. If you were trapped in a burning building, which Oiler would save you?

We are an equal opportunity employer. We do not pay, unless you can figure out a way to make money off this. Yes, boys are welcome to submit an application.. in fact, I think Hot Oil could use a little bit of sausage.