25 February 2008


This makes me feel as though I'm trapped in some kind of warped comedy special.

22 February 2008

He's Toast.

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(That's how my mom always described things that were done or gone or whatever.)

I'll miss Thor ...kinda. Good move by Philly.

I figured we didn't even do a Valentines Day lovefest of the Oilers, so the fact that I'm even putting up a photo indicates Hot Oil is NOT dead.

I'm just preparing for a trade deadline that could make for a Marty-less Oilers.

You're hearing it here first.. if Marty is gone, whatever team he goes to, that's my Stanley Cup run team.

Fly fly away boy... fly fly away.

06 February 2008

Oh, my.


Please speculate in the comments as to what exactly is going on in this picture.

Big thanks to an anonymous commenter for the pic!

01 February 2008

He looks too much like Stortini

We're going to find out soon enough! TSN reports that the Oilers have acquired this striking young man from Columbus. Sexier than Dick? I hardly think so.

Update: Oops! Well, you heard it here next, folks!