25 December 2008

You vo-eted for Lubo!

Congratulations to Lubomir Visnovsky, 2008 Hot Off Hot Oiler!

(with the first part of his prize)

Happy Holidays!!

(watch this video and fall in love with Lubo all over again)

24 December 2008

Your finalists

Send your own ElfYourself eCards


22 December 2008

You have until Christmas to vote ->

Some reasons to vo-et!
For Lubo:

Oh Lu Visnovsky, you are the love of my life!
Oh Lu Visnovsky, I'd let you shag my wife!
Oh Lu Visnovsky, I wish I were as hairy as yooooou!

He plays hockey the way 7 year olds play, puck pursuit all the way. It's fun.
...bringing care packages to his old teammates is just an ever so thoughtful thing to do. He'd definitely call you after, anyway.. :)
For Shelly:

....because I know that's who my mom would vote for.

Sheldon Souray is mantastic. I want to vote for him. There is not competition as far as I'm concerned.

The Edmonton Oilers are kicking Loxy out of the press box for exceeding the shirtless-Souray quotient.

It's a Christmas Miracle!

There will be a new winner of the hot-off this year. He's got a big contract, he's not a longterm Oiler, he plays defence and produces more points than most of our players.

But is it Sheldon Souray or Lubomir Visnovsky ?

I'll be posting pictures until Christmas day when the winner is announced. I want official votes, so we'll be going with the poll on the right side bar.

This one is for all the marbles.

Parting thoughts for Scarneck can be left below.

19 December 2008

Someone needs to go.

In order to determine the final two I will get you to rank the three men and the guy with the lowest total gets cut. (First gets 2 pts, Second gets 1 points, Third gets no points)

Last time I got all creative on your asses, but I'm sick as a dog, so I'm just going to ask you to please vote in the comments.

Thank you.

16 December 2008

The tribe has spoken.

Hemsky, Souray and Lubo.

There's your top three.

Now if I can get a bit editorial on your asses, I think the lack of eliminating Hemsky when y'all had the chance means he'll take this thing. Yes, this past round was a cleverly created rouse to get rid of the kid. But you didn't take it and as with the number of men that visit this site.. Hemsky wins again.

Yes, I think Hemsky is a terrific talent. He's even kind of cute. But really. He's better looking than Brodziak? Who is better looking than Moreau? I constantly date younger men, but pre-pubescent?

Needless to say, I didn't need the Hot Rod to win this thing. But if Hemsky is truly the hottest person on the Oilers, we have an UGLY UGLY team. Frankly, Hot Oil is supposed to celebrate the "hot" and this thing is proving once again, that we are NOT.

Anyways, the next round will take another form. TBA tomorrow.

14 December 2008

An Oilfan in Vancouver

Dear friends,

Last night's win made me SO incredibly happy. I can't even explain it in words.

So instead, I'll leave you with the video I made earlier in the day where at one point I'm wearing three pieces of Oilers gear. People who visit my personal site and facebook have already been inundated with it, but why not show the rest of the world what a dork I am. (It's a lipsync of a Flight of the Conchords song for a contesty thing.)

And remember, if you haven't voted an Oiler off the island. Do so below!


12 December 2008

Oiler Survivor

To go from four to three, I'm asking you to vote someone off Oiler Island. So, unlike every round in every hot off thus far, you vote for the person you LEAST want to go forward.

I've compiled some stats to help you compare options:

Name: Kyle "Hot Rod" Brodziak
Alternate nicknames: Dick as a Watch
Age: 24
Hometown: St. Paul, Alberta (LOCAL BOY!)
Random Facts: Favourite subject in school is Math. Math is hot right? And his favourite video game? Microsoft golf '98.
Mad skillz: Scoring overtime fluke goal against league's best team
Unbearably Cute Picture: Working at Tim Hortons
Picture with: Greatness
Unfortunate decision: Hair choice

Name: Ales "Scarneck" Hemsky
Alternate Nickname: Hemmer
Age: 25 (yeah, right)
Hometown: Pardubice, Czech Republic
Random Facts: My car is named Ales.
Mad Skillz: All
Unbearably cute picture: Baby Ales
Picture with: Greatness
Unfortunate decision: Media Guide Picture

Name: Sheldon "Baywatch" Souray
Alternate Nickname: Shelly
Age: 32
Hometown: Elk Point, Alberta (LOCAL BOY!)
Random Facts: Wishes he had invented alcohol and a cure for cancer
Mad skillz: Not getting hurt yet this year (knocks on wood)
Unbearably cute picture: With Child
Picture with: A D-lister
Unfortunate decision: Handlebars

Name: Lubomir "Vo-et for me" Visnovsky
Alternate Nickname: Lubo
Age: 32
Hometown: Topoľčany, Czechoslovakia (Slovakia)
Random Facts: Likes the snow
Mad Skillz: Smiling
Unbearably cute picture: Anytime he smiles
Picture with: Matching Ladyfriend
Unfortunate decision: That outfit

Voting over.

09 December 2008

And then there were FOUR.

Voting will start TOMORROW with a more comprehensive post.

Some comments on the players that didn't make it on... The battle between Hot-Rodziak and Moreau was right to the wire, but my timely posting the night of the San Jose win may have had something to do with it. New blood in the final four right?
Speaking of which, props to Slava Trukhno (I can never figure out where the "h" goes in that name) as being the only non-roster player to squeeze into the elusive eight.
At one point, I thought Dustin Penner was going to give Ales Hemsky a run for his money. That would've been amazing. I don't like the same guy winning this thing over and over.. and frankly the only way to stop it is to get more ladies to vote. How can you resist the smile of Brodziak or Lubo?
Nilsson got a few votes. He may have been hampered by his Oilers picture but I think it was more a matter of how great Lubo's is. You feel his smile coming through.

07 December 2008

Lets do this. The road to the final four.

You will need to vote for FOUR people.

1. Ales "Scarneck" Hemsky vs. Dustin "The Juggla" Penner

2. Ethan "Man of the year 2006" Moreau vs. Kyle "The Hot Rod" Brodziak

3. Lubomir "Vo-et for me" Visnovsky vs. Robert "Arm Candy" Nilsson

4. Sheldon "Baywatch" Souray vs. Slava "Slava" Trukhno

An even 50 comments seems like a good time to stop...

05 December 2008

Things that are "sick"

At the 3:00 mark, I remember that time I met Robbie... New Years Eve three years ago.

04 December 2008

The last matchup of the second round

So, we're finally going to find out the top 8. I'm a little preoccupied with the return and possible stay of Hockey Jesus/Captain America. This battle is more about pride than anything else as two guys fight to go down to Sheldon Souray in the next round. And while I'm not always happy with your guys' choices, I think we've got a pretty decent group left (as shown in the side bar on the right).

I'm also eager to finish this whole deal before Christmas and while I'm super busy, I'll try to take one for the team. I'll also try to watch more games, having seen the game last night, the Oil is 7-3 when I watch. Conversely, the Canucks are 3-5 when I tune in. (I need to watch more hockey... especially with those two teams facing off three times in the next month!)

Anyways, here are your final two. Slava Trukhno and Steve MacIntyre.
(Reminder it's a hot off. If you have to put a paper bag over his whole body when you are making sweet love to him, it doesn't count.)

It goes to Slava.

01 December 2008


Get the chastity belts ready. Swallow the key.